Active Pattern: We’re tracking three more wintry systems

Don't put those shovels away! We have three different weather systems on track to bring us some wintry weather.

  1. Thursday night into Friday morning: A light mix of freezing rain, sleet, and light snow are possible. But the key word on this is "light." Precipitation amounts will be less than a tenth of an inch so only minimal impacts are expected. Even if it falls as freezing rain (and it turns icy), it won't be as dangerous as most of the weather systems we will deal with in the upcoming winter season.
  2. Saturday: I think we should focus on this one a bit more. An area of low pressure will track from the Texas panhandle, up into Central Indiana. With this type of track, moisture off the Gulf of Mexico will be plentiful. We don't yet know what precipitation-type we will see. It could bring a heavy round of rain, sleet, freezing rain, or snow. Right now, it appears we will have a combination of the three. If the system tracks far enough south and entrains enough cold air, we could have some significant snow. However, that doesn't look like a big chance from the looks of things right now. 
  3. Monday: It would be rare to have two higher-precipitation systems coming this close to one another...three days apart. But this one looks like it could bring us more snow. Details are still pretty fuzzy with this one and models all over the place. However, model consistency is what we look for and early next week has looked unsettled in many model runs. As of this juncture, this third system looks to bring us the best chance of accumulating snow. Stay tuned!

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen

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