Moline city crews clearing snow and ice overnight

MOLINE, Illinois -- Public workers across the Quad Cities have been operating around the clock plowing snow.

The City of Moline said its overnight crew would be working on main roads, residential streets and parking lots through 6 a.m. tomorrow. Then the daytime crew will take over for the next 12-hour shift.

Crew leader Trent Jacquin spent much of Monday afternoon clearing a riverfront parking lot and bike path in a Ford F-250.

"We've got bigger trucks up on the mains right now," said Jacquin, who has been driving snow plows for 26 years. "Salting and trying to get the frozen stuff up off the road."

The first priority has been clearing the city's main arteries to allow emergency vehicles to get around. That's where the city's biggest snowplows are focused. City officials said the blizzard came so early in the season that the city had to convert trucks from leaf pickup duty to snow plowing on Saturday.

Smaller trucks can then focus on clearing residential streets, side roads and parking lots.

"I think one of the most important things that we do as a municipality is snow removal," said Moline park operations manager Greg Johnson. "So that's a big one. We want everybody to be safe, to be at work on time," he said.



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