What happened before the Davenport officer involved shooting

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- Newly released body camera footage shows what happened just moments before a Scott County Deputy shot a man he was trying to arrest on October 23, 2018.

The video from another deputy's body camera shows Deputy Gregory Hill about to arrest 23-year-old Robert Mitchell for outstanding warrants. Mitchell then dives back into the car. Hill lunges after him as Mitchell tries to drive away.

Mitchell's car backs into a squad car before three gunshots are heard. Mitchell then drives away.

Mitchell was stopped at a nearby gas station and taken to a hospital where he later died.

After an investigation, Scott County Attorney Michael Walton says the deputy was justified in his use of deadly force.

"I believe the videotape shows the danger Depuy Hill was put in and his response to that threat was reasonable," Walton says.

Walton says text messages from Mitchell's phone indicate he was driving between drug deals when he was stopped. He says they also show he was "in an extremely agitated state that day."

In part, those messages read, "I don't even want to be alive right now." "I about to snap the f*** out." "I'm about to go trigger happy on everyone."

Walton says Mitchell was also upset about losing $1,100 in a previous drug deal and was trying to make back that money by selling more drugs.

A bag of meth, weighing 11 grams, was found inside Mitchell's hat.

According to the Scott County Attorney, Mitchell was wanted on two warrants in Indiana. In March 2018, Mitchell was wanted on felony drug charges and got into a high speeds chase with Michigan and Indiana State Police. He ended up hitting a utility pole, ramming a squad car and going into a ditch before being arrested. He later failed to appear for court.

Walton says the whole situation could have been avoided.

"There seems to be a feeling amongst some individuals that being arrested is a choice," he says. "That's not a choice, and people are doing dangerous things to avoid being arrested."

No charges will be filed against Deputy Hill since Walton determined the shooting was justified. Deputy Hill has not returned to work.

His body camera footage was not released on Wednesday, Nov. 21. It did not give a clear picture of what happened that night and much of it was blocked during the struggle between Deputy Hill and Mitchell, according to Walton. His body camera fell off sure the struggle and was later recovered from Mitchell's car.

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