Two Davenport adrenaline junkie teens take on QC breaking news

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DAVENPORT-- It's not just police, it's not just media. There's a new crew showing up at breaking news scenes in the Quad Cities, two 16-year-olds with a passion for adrenaline.

The only thing on most high schoolers' minds a day before Thanksgiving is getting out of class to relax. But the only thing 16-year-olds Caleb Mosier and Ryan Lampo can think about is hitting the road.

Mosier is the camera man, and Lampo is the communicator. When the two aren't in class or doing homework, you can find them roaming the Quad Cities streets listening for breaking news scanner calls.

It all started back in June. The two were listening to police scanners for fun.

"One time we heard a structure fire go out, and we said hey, let's go check it out," says Lampo.

They pulled up on scene, the adrenaline kicked in, and RYCA T.V was born.

Since then, the boys made a Facebook page showcasing police chases, armed robberies and accidents around town.

Police are starting to notice.

"There's a lot worse things 16-year-olds can be doing," says Moline Police Detective Michael Griffin. "We would ask they do it safely from a safe distance. Obviously we don't want them interfering with an incident."

"We want to get the story, not become the story. So there comes a time when we turn in and call it," says Lampo.

So with a salute of safety from the cops, the only thing on these high schoolers' minds is their next adrenaline adventure.

"The community, you guys should know what's going on. You live here," says Lampo.

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