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“Blackout Wednesday” a threat to Quad City roadways, Police increase patrols

DAVENPORT, Iowa - One of America's busiest travel days also has potential to be one of the deadliest.

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving has become an increasingly popular night to drink, according to law enforcement. So popular, that is has been unofficially nicknamed "Blackout Wednesday."

Many Americans have Thanksgiving Day off, so the night before is an opportunity to pencil in a night out on the town with friends and family.

As cheap drink specials help fill hometown bars and nightclubs, the risk of drinking and driving becomes a threat, according to police.

"Socially people realize on New Years were going to have more enforcement and there are typically more designated drivers on New Years Eve, but Thanksgiving, for whatever reason, has become a bigger issue for us as far as impaired drivers on the road." said Iowa State Patrol Trooper Dan Loussaert.

Police in both Iowa and Illinois say they will increase patrol in the Quad City Area on Wednesday night, looking to remove intoxicated drivers from the road.

The rideshare app Uber has partnered with the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving to create a campaign discouraging drunk driving.

In a statement to WQAD News 8, an Uber spokesperson said, "... There is never a reason to drink and drive when there are so many ways to get home safely."

Police ask drivers to have a plan before they head out on the town on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. They say a designated driver, or a plan to call a cab or a ride is highly encouraged.

Failing to have that plan can result in serious criminal consequences, or worse, a death during one of the most jolly times of the year.


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