What Galesburg leaders are crediting for a healthy 2019 budget

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GALESBURG, Illinois -- Officials in Galesburg planning next year's budget have said that in spite of expenditures growing faster than revenues, the city is in good shape.

Main Street is moving again as the city completes major road projects.

"A lot of people really appreciate the underpass," said Mayor John Pritchard. "It's really improved the ability to get around town quickly."

He said the project was completed just last week.

Meanwhile, city revenues are expected to grow by eight percent next year. That's partly thanks to one-time capital projects, but local tax revenues are growing as well according to City Administrator Todd Thompson.

"I'd say it's very good. I think we're seeing a pickup in the economy," said Thompson. "We're seeing retail and restaurant growth, and revenues for the city are good."

Tax revenues from gaming parlors are also part of that mix.

In another lucky break for the city, the mayor said personnel expenses will be much lower next year thanks to a switch in employee insurance providers.

"That's kind of a one-time win," said Pritchard. "So we will still have the fundamental structural deficit problem but this year we're only facing minor problems with the budget."

With the help of $170,000 from the city's reserves, the mayor says the city's 2019 budget will be balanced.


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