West Liberty PD help clean up the streets, and your sheets

WEST LIBERTY-West Liberty Police helped people take home some clean laundry on November, 19.

The Police Chief and other deputies stopped at two laundromats in West Liberty to pay for people to get their clothes cleaned.

"We've had people do six, seven loads of laundry already, and that's probably saving them thirty bucks, and that thirty bucks they can use for Thanksgiving, Christmas, for gifts, for gasoline," said Chief Kary Kinmonth with the West Liberty Police Department.

"They attacked me, these police are just rude, so they came after me....No i'm just teasing. They offered to do my laundry and I appreciate it," said Donna Mullink.

The money was donated by West Liberty foods and the Muscatine Walmart.

Officers also passed out detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets.