President of Iceland went ‘too far’ threatening to ban pineapple on pizza

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REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- The president of Iceland issued a statement revising his controversial comments about pineapple on pizza.

President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson attempted to quell a brick oven-heated debate over pizza that he started in 2017. He's now admitting his comments were out of line when he threatened to ban pineapple on pizza.

"I went a step too far, " Johannesson said.

He was referring to a visit to a school in 2017, where a student asked him if he liked pineapple on pizza. He told the student he did not, and he would ban it if he could.

"That's where the influence of this office sort of, yeah, got the better of me," Johannesson said.

At the time, his comment sparked international debate. Even the inventor of the fruity pizza got involved, saying he should know better.

The debate got so intense that he had to issue a statement explaining he did not have the power to ban pineapple on pizza.

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