Integrative Pain Center of America closes due to license suspension

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois--“I got tired of waiting for an answer so I looked it up myself,” said Kelly Carlson.

One week after Integrative Pain Centers of America closed, Kelly Carlson and her husband Wayne are starting to get some answers.

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“I think patients went to him trusting him,” said Carlson.

Wayne says he's been going to Doctor V.R. Karuparthy for 15 years.  Now he is finding out the doctor's license is suspended because of sexual misconduct in his office.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation says it was suspended on November 7th. This is the fifth issue involving his license since 1991.

“Had we known previously that he`d been disciplined for other things before I don`t think my husband would have gone to him,” said Carlson.

Patients are now receiving letters saying the center is no longer seeing patients and urging them to find a new clinic. Unfortunately, it will take months for patients to get a new referral.

“He has had a little bit of muscle twitching and skin crawling feeling that`s been the last couple of days so I am anticipating he is starting the withdrawal process,” said Carlson.

The Carlsons were able to get a hold of Wayne's records but they were incomplete.

“They only covered his last two appointments nothing else and there are inaccuracies on when they started him on the opioids,” said Carlson.

Working with what they have they will continue to search for help and hopefully find a new clinic.

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