WIU rises up against Westboro Baptist Church protest with “Rally for Love”

MACOMB, IL – Game day is usually known for rivalry.  But this time, students are coming together; thanks to people like Dannie Kyle.

“We received a notification that a Kansas-based organization was going to be protesting our football game, because we think it’s because Indiana State has an openly gay football player,” says Dannie.

Indiana State defensive back, Jake Bain, came out that he was gay almost a year ago.  And it’s speculated that’s the reason the Westboro Baptist Church – an organization known for their controversial language – is protesting before the game.

“I started a group chat and told everyone that we needed to do something in response,” explains Dannie. “If you come after one of us it’s all of us, and we come together to help each other.”

“I came out to my parents that I am bisexual last summer, and my dad found out yesterday,” Dannie shares.

Now, she has full support, especially from her parents.

“My daughter is an activist,” says Dannie’s mother, Candida Kyle. “Love is love and you support your child no matter what.”

On this game day – no matter your identity – these students are cheering for love.

“Love is love, you know?” says Dannie “Love is so much stronger than hate."

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