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Integrative Pain Center of America in Rock Island closes suddenly, leaving patients without treatment

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois-- Integrative Pain Center of America in Rock Island suddenly closed its doors overnight. Leaving all of their patients, like Mike Brown, with nowhere else to turn.

"The pain is pretty much miserable can`t sit for too long can`t stand for too long," said Mike Brown. Mike has been living with chronic pain for more than eight years.

To help control it, Mike was getting treatment and pain medicine from Integrative Pain Center of America in Rock Island. On Friday, he noticed a note left on the front door saying the center was closed until further notice.

"It`s just odd that they would just suddenly just cut us off and not some kind of referral or hey this is going to happen maybe you should look for another option or something along those lines," said Mike.

The abrupt close left Mike and other patients without help and in extreme pain.

"I know there`s an opioid crisis you know because of people who are addicted and obtain their opioids illegally but there are also chronic pain patients who have been on this regimen of pain medications for years," said Kelly Carlson.

That stereotype is something mike has always stayed away from.

"In the entire time I've been on it I've never once taken more than I was supposed to I've never called them hey I ran short can you give me some extra," Mike said.

Without a referral from his doctor, Mike has nowhere else to go so now all he can do is wait.

News 8 did reach out to Integrative Pain Center of America, but no one answered our calls.

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