Edgington restores water, Rockridge High School and Junior High School to resume class Thursday

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EDGINGTON, Illinois -- Rockridge High School and Junior High School students in Edgington will go to class as usual on Thursday as officials fixed a water main break and turned the town's water back on.

The schools were closed because the restrooms were out of service with no running water.

Meanwhile, the town has announced a boil order which will last until Saturday morning.

Officials turned off the city's water in order early Wednesday morning to stop it from flooding and freezing on the streets. Crews spent much of the day digging into the ground in front of the fire station to locate and repair the leak.

"I got roughly between 40 and 50 phone calls just telling me that they had no water pressure," said Mary Le Cleir, who is on the Edgington water board. "So I just told them we'd get water for them as soon as we could."

Water was restored in the late afternoon on Wednesday, but the hours without it disrupted area businesses as well.

The Rocket Stop convenience store, just a block away from the site of the water main break, was forced to rent a portable toilet for its customers to use.

"No, we don't normally have one," said cashier Pam Versluys. "We just ordered it this morning when we found out we had no water."

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