Local shelter speaks out after nearly 170 dogs rescued from Iowa puppy mill

DAVENPORT, Iowa  --   Nearly 170 dogs showing signs of neglect in filthy kennels were rescued from an overcrowded puppy mill in northern Iowa. Kings Harvest Pet Rescue in Davenport said that puppy mills stay in business because people aren't adopting animals.

"By adopting, you are kind of voting with your wallet," Rochelle Dougall, Kings Harvest Pet Rescue said. "It's saying you would prefer an animal from a shelter that didn't have a home versus an animal that's bred."

Dougall said puppy mill conditions are extremely harmful to the dogs and that the animals are not usually cared for medically. She said the number one way to stop puppy mills is by adopting from shelters.

"You know that it is mostly volunteer-based," Dougall said. "it's here for the community and the animals, whereas the breeders are there for the money."

Dougall also said that shopping online for pets can increase puppy mill business.

"Don`t buy online," Dougall said. "Don`t buy from pet stores. That`s how millions of puppy mill puppies get sold each year."

Kings Harvest Pet Rescue currently has over 100 animals up for adoption.

Staff with the Humane Society of Scott County say they will head to Worth County to help with the rescue efforts.

Once the puppies are healthy, ASPCA Field Investigator, Tim Rickey, said the ASPCA will have to resolve ownership through court, then place the dogs up for adoption.

Officials say as of now there are no plans to bring the puppies back to the Quad Cities. The involvement of the humane society is to help assist with the sheltering efforts by providing medical and behavioral assistance.

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