Moline appoints interim police chief

MOLINE, Illinois- With a permanent appointment still several months out, Moline has announced the interim police chief that will serve in the meantime.

Moline City Administrator Douglas K. Maxeiner says Lieutenant Dave Gass has been serving as the acting Chief for the Moline Police
Department since September 8.

However, he says that due to being short-staffed they need Lt. Gass to return to his regular assignment in the Services Division.

The city expects the search for a permanent replacement to last well into February 2019. In the meantime, they are appointing Robert T. Finney of Champaign, Illinois as the interim Chief of Police for Moline which will be effective November 19, 2018.

"Mr. Finney has over 30 years of law enforcement service including Chief of Police for Carbondale for approximately four years (1999-03) and Champaign where he retired after serving as Chief from 2003-12. Finney has a Master’s Degree from Western Illinois University"

The city says Finney will live in Moline during this appointment and be paid around $2,600 a week.

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