Students honor and learn from those who served overseas before Veterans Day

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - At All Saints Catholic School the hallway decorations say it all.  They have been waiting for veterans to visit them during the schools Veterans Day Program.

In Jennifer Ruefer's kindergarten class students have been learning about the men and women who serve our country all week.

"We spend most of the week talking about veterans and why we are honoring them," says Ruefer.

Now they have the chance to meet them.

"They see us in uniform and they don't fully understand what it means, so we want to plant that seed of what it means to be a veteran," says Lieutenant Colonel Lenny Sloat.

It's a special visit for Sloat.  He got the chance to share his experience with his son's class.

"The sacrifice, the living overseas, saying I'll this year, two years, four years out of my life and serve our country," Sloat explains.

And although they are only in kindergarten, it's the first step to understand the important job men and women in the military have.

"For a lot of these young people they don't understand for their entire live our nation has been at war," comments Sloat.

"You'd be surprised what kindergarteners really know," says Ruefer.

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