Reynolds wraps 2018 campaign with nine-stop GOTV trip in Iowa

DAVENPORT -  The Iowa governor's race is going down to the wire.  Polls are showing a tight margin between incumbent Gov. Kim Reynolds and challenger Fred Hubbell.

"If we show up, we win," said Gov. Reynolds, on Monday, November 5.

Gov. Reynolds headlined a Get Out the Vote rally in Davenport.  It's a last-minute push with a lot on the line.

"It's about keeping this state moving in the right direction," she said.

This neck-and-neck race is heading for the finish line.  She knows that every vote will make a difference.  That explains the nine-stop fly-around on Monday.

"We're the number one state in the country," she exclaimed to about 40 supporters.

She's urging Iowa voters to stay the course.  That includes touting the state's economy, low unemployment and budget surplus.

"Guess what?" she asked.  "Wages are going up, and taxes are going down."

In a close governor's race, early voting could make the difference.  Iowa absentee ballots were already topping 448,000 heading into last weekend.

This is last-minute outreach to energize the electorate.  In Davenport, there was picture-posing and quick conversations.

"We can't leave anything on the field," she said.  "We need to sprint across the finish line."

At this morning rally, with six more to go, aiming to inspire voters one more time.

"It's going to be close," she concluded.  "That's why we continually tell people it is so important that they get out."

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