Galesburg trespassing arrest leads to attempted murder charges

GALESBURG, Illinois — Dennis M. Little III was arrested by Galesburg Police after trespassing at 255 W. Tompkins Street (Moon Towers) Apt #705.

According to a GPD press release, on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, around 11 a.m. police were told by the Knox County Housing Authority that Dennis M. Little III (who had been banned from 255 W. Tompkins) was in apartment 705.

Police say when Little opened the door of the apartment he was holding a knife in each hand above his head yelling “suicide by cop”.

According to police, Little then tried to close the door, officers held it opened and tried to bust in.

“It was at this time, that one of the officers felt what he first believed to be Little punching him, but realized he was in fact trying to stab him with both knives. The officer then swung his arms in a defensive motion in order to get Little away from him, which he did, and then deployed his Taser, which struck Little.”

Police arrested Little and took him to the Knox County jail, where he will remain until his court appearance on Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

Dennis M. Little III is facing the following charges:
  1. Criminal Trespass to Land
  2. Aggravated Battery of a Peace Officer
  3. Felony Possession/Use of a Weapon
  4. Attempted Murder