Oil on rural Henry County road leaves vehicles splattered with sludge

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GENESEO, Illinois -- People living on a rural road near Geneseo have been calling Henry County officials with complaints of damaged vehicles.

They say the Edford Township road commissioner sprayed oil there without any warning, and that now their cars and driveways are covered with black sludge.

Libbie Pettie said her white truck now has "definitive black highlights and speckles" after she passed her driveway and drove over the oil on Thursday morning.

"I made some calls to try to find out what was going on with the road. Were they done? I didn't see any signs," she said. "Nobody gave us any kind of notice that they were doing this."

Dave VanWinkle was seen driving through the ditch to avoid getting oil on his undercarriage. He said his van was already covered in oil.

"We shouldn't have to tear up our vehicles," he said. "We pay road taxes. Come on."

After News 8 arrived on the scene, an Edford Township truck was seen spreading gravel over the road.

"I'm glad to see that he's trying to fix this problem," said Pettie. "But it still at this point doesn't erase the additional cost that we're all going to incur trying to get our vehicles back to where they were."

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