Man fires shotgun 15 times into Davenport home, police say

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — A man was arrested after firing a shotgun 15 times into a residence at 1:20 a.m. on Oct. 25.

According to a report from the Davenport Police Department, Mark Thornburg was arrested after he reportedly fired at a residence at 1311 Iowa Street. Police recovered 15 spent 12-guage shotgun shells near the residence.

Two victims were in the house when Thornburg fired, according to the report. Both victims were afraid of being shot and immediately dropped to the floor. A window was shattered and a security camera was also struck.

It is unclear if anyone was hurt in the incident.

Police executed a search warrant on the suspects residence shortly after and recovered a shotgun. The shotgun’s barrel had been manually shortened. Evidence supported this was the gun used, including the type of ammunition in and around the firearm.

Thornburg has a previous felony conviction in Iowa for theft and another conviction for domestic assault. Both convictions prohibit him from having a firearm.

He’s charged with intimidation and two different illegal possession of a firearm charges.

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