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Davenport police share suggestions on how to stay safe during Halloween

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DAVENPORT, Iowa – Halloween is near, and that means more kids will be out and about in the coming days.

Police are sharing reminders for parents and neighbors during a time where juvenile crime is an on-going concern in the city of Davenport.

On Monday, October 22, Davenport police shared tips on how to keep your kids safe during the Halloween season and on how to keep adults safe as well.

First, they started with the basic, annual reminders. Check candy, wear something that lights up or reflects if you’re out and about at night, and keep a close eye on your kids.

Police also remind drivers to slow down, put their phones and electronics down, and pay extra attention to the road.

Police say kids get excited, and could have their vision limited when they’re dressed up in their costumes.

Police say parents must be responsible and proactive in knowing what their kids and teens are up to. Police ask parents to have conversations about where they will be during holiday celebrations, who they will be hanging out with and what they will be doing.

Police also say it is important to talk with kids and teens about fake or toy weapons. Many costumes incorporate fake or toy weapons. Police says kids needs to know what to do if a police officer or unsuspecting person approaches them while they’re dressed up with those types of toys and accessories.

Police also had a reminder for adults who like to celebrate the holiday themselves. They say to remember to drive sober, and to drink responsibly.

Last, police remind residents to lock their cars and homes to help prevent themselves from becoming victim to crime.

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