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Voters in Oneida, Illinois will consider lifting liquor ban come Election Day

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ONEIDA, Illinois--On Election Day voters in Oneida, Illinois will decide whether alcohol should be sold in the city.
Mayor Larry Lawson says the city has never allowed liquor sales before, in fact the city passed an ordinance to continue the liquor ban after prohibition ended in the 1930’s.

“Prohibition ended, and a group of people decided they wanted to continue it as a dry community…now we’ve moved into a more modern era,” says Lawson.

A referendum question on the November 6, ballot reads:

Shall the prohibition of the sale at retail of alcoholic liquor be continued in the city of Oneida, Illinois?

Al Holden, long time voter in Oneida says for some the question can be misleading.

“You would think you would answer yes to the question, but the answer should be no if you don’t want it to continue to be a dry town,” says Holden.

He says although he was initially against lifting the ban, he agrees the change could bring economic development to the city.

Opening liquor sales could convince business owners to open shop in Oneida.

“It’s something we really need. We need to get the convent store open, so we can generate some more revenue for the city,” says Holden.

Mayor Lawson he’s not sure if the referendum question passes if that could mean a new bar in the area as well, but it could be a topic for discussion in the future.

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