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Local kids find a new love for chemistry

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- St. Ambrose University is celebrating National Chemistry Week by inviting in local first through fifth graders for a chemistry camp. Dozens of kids showed up to get a hands on experience including seven-year-old, Evyn Hunter.

   Evyn and her new friends watch in amazement as Ambrose students walk them through different labs. Learning more about chemistry working with light, and mixing different chemicals with the help of the chemistry club.

    “Chemistry gets a reputation for being challenging and so I think people sometimes get scared away by that so we're hoping to kinda balance that by seeing some of the fun things you can do with it,” said Kelly Gidden. Gidden is the chemistry department chair at St. Ambrose.

     The kids could see first hand how different chemicals create different reactions. Professors and students hope to spark an interest for chemistry in the younger generations.

    “It's something eventful to show younger kids that chemistry is fun it's not just one thing that it's a broad range of topics,” said Amanda Crocker. Crocker is the President of the chemistry club and says starting young is beneficial to their future.

    The idea not only worked for Evyn, but the whole class,  as chemicals bubbled while Ambrose students demonstrated some of their favorite skills.

    “When the elephant happened I went 'weeeee' I wanna do that,” said Evyn.

    “I'm used to teaching college students but for me personally it's always fun to see little kids and how excited they get over just simple things, things that I might often take for granted but for them is very exciting,” said Kelly.

    Hoping to create a positive reaction in the future scientists of the world.

National Chemistry Week surrounds Mole Day on October 23.

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