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Johnson’s Hub celebrates a century of success in Kewanee, Illinois

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KEWANEE, Illinois - A family business is celebrating a big milestone in Kewanee on Saturday, October 20.  That's when Johnson's Hub, 220 N. Main Street, marks 100 years in business.

The celebration will continue from 9-5 at the store, which is just across the street from Good's Furniture.

It takes a great team to succeed for a century. Rick and Jackie Johnson certainly measure up to the task.  They're the third generation to operate the men's clothing store.

"Sometimes a guy comes in for a suit, and he needs it yesterday," said Rick, 65.  "We get it ready for him when he needs it."

Photos and vintage ads detail lots of changes since Rick's grandfather, Charles Johnson, opened in 1918. The store weathered economic downturns and changing shopping styles over the years to become a landmark business.

"Sometimes they'll marvel at, how did you know his size?" Rick continued.  "I don't have a computer. It's just right here (pointing to his head)."

Now in its fourth location, this is a real Mom-and-Pop shop.  Following his dad, Howard Johnson,  Rick, Jackie and their daughters, Amanda and Valerie, grew up in the business.

"Just to know all that history," Jackie said.  "To keep this going as long as they have is pretty impressive."

Longtime customers like Jerry Grebner share smiles along with the shopping.  It's kept him coming back for decades.

"After a hundred years, they should know what they're doing," Grebner said. "You know, he does a good job for us."

Customer service remains its secret sauce -  a recipe for success that's defying the odds.

"Having a small retail store is a dinosaur in today's economy," Rick concluded.  "But we're doing the best we can."

After 100 years, that's certainly good enough.

For more information, check or (309) 853-5709.


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