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Rabbit born without ears gets the perfect gift

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SACRAMENTO, California -- There are too many sad animal stories going around, so we wanted to share this one with you. Rodajia Welch may have found the most unique rabbit of them all: one without ears!

"Mimi" was recently born without ears and is missing one leg. Rodajia thinks it may not have gotten the oxygen it needed to form ears. But now, both of them are going viral because Rodajia crocheted different sets of ears for the animal.

Kennedy News and Media

Kennedy News and Media

Kennedy News and Media

Mimi has pointy, rabbit-like ears as well as a crown of flowers, and mouse ears. And we are totally smitten with Mimi's new look!

But for safety reasons, Rodajia says she doesn't keep them on her, because she could get tangled up in them. Welch’s love for the rabbits does not end with Mimi. She is taking care of the rest of the litter and will find them new homes.

She plans on holding onto Mimi. Good for her!


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