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Two Galesburg teens suffer third-degree burns after bonfire accident

Warning: Gallery contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers.

GALESBURG-- Two Galesburg teens are in the hospital with third-degree burns after a bonfire accident.

On Friday night, police were called to Rock Island Avenue, just south of Jason Wessels Park, after a witness heard a loud bang and saw a girl on fire.

Family members say two fifteen-year-old girls were having a bonfire when the flames were going out. One of them then poured paint thinner on the embers to keep the fire from dying, essentially causing a small explosion.

Both girls are being treated for third-degree burns from the stomach down at a Springfield hospital.

Family members say the girls could be in the hospital for several months recovering, saying one of the girls has burns over 50-percent of her body and will require at least one surgery and rehab.

The family is asking for support and prayers at this time.

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