Davenport’s leaders deny Shenanigan’s Pub a liquor license renewal

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - City leaders in Davenport have decided not to renew the liquor license for Shenanigan's bar and dance club in the downtown neighborhood.

The club, which sits on the corner of 3rd Street and Harrison Street, is being accused of being a place where violent crimes occur during operating hours.

Council members, police and the city attorney all pointed to recent shots fired incidents and fights that have broke out at (or near) Shenanigan's in the past few years.

Body cam footage was shown at the October 10th City Council Meeting of the moment shots were fired near a downtown parking garage.

Police say the people involved in that August 18 incident were patrons of Shenanigan's.

Another shots fired incident on March 11th was also pointed out during the city council meeting.

Alderman debated back and forth with the lawyer representing Shenanigan's, Mike Meloy for nearly an hour at that meeting on October 10.

Meloy says the club has hired security who ID each customer, and use metal detection devices to stop weapons from coming into the bar.

They also have security cameras, additional policing, and other resources in place to limit crime and violence.

Still, city council members argued back that the bar has been a concern to the neighborhood.

"We ask everyone who operates a business, especially an establishment that serves alcohol, to be good neighbor and keep our downtown safe and in the past three years, continually, this establishment comes up as an establishment that is not being a good neighbor." said Alderman-at-Large Kyle Gripp during the meeting. "In spite of the precautions they say that they have taken, we still continue to have more issues that an we have in other places."
Shenanigan's could still stay in business though. This action by the city council means that the case now gets kicked up to state of Iowa's Alcoholic Beverage Division. That division has the authority to issue a suspension.
As of right now, Shenanigan's remains open for business.
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