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Davenport man accused of beating dog

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- A Davenport man has been accused of beating a dog and causing an injury to its skull.

Colin Glubczynski was arrested Friday morning, October 12, charged with animal torture and interference with official acts, according to an affidavit from Scott County.

A witness said they heard Glubczynski yelling at the dog early Friday morning, and heard the dog "yelping as if he was being beaten," read the affidavit.  The dog was found in the hallway bleeding in front of Glubczynski's apartment door.

The dog's throat was cut at least twice and was hit in the head with a heavy or sharp object, making a hole in the dog's head, the affidavit said.

When Glubczynski was told he was under arrest he tried to go back into his apartment, ultimately refusing to go.  He was booked into the Scott County Jail around 8:45 a.m., where he was held on $2,300 bond.

The dog was taken to an animal clinic for medical care.