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Arrowhead Round-Up comes at critical time for Coal Valley facility

COAL VALLEY, Illinois - These are critical times as Arrowhead invests in its campus and reaches out for national enrollment.

That makes the Round-Up and car auction on Saturday, October 13, even more important. It will also feature food trucks, a petting zoo and lots of activities for kids.

The grounds at 12200 104th Street in Coal Valley look like a used car lot these days.  That's where the longtime facility is featuring nearly 90 donated vehicles for sale.

"I've actually worked on a few of the cars," said resident Makai, 16, on Friday, October 12.

"We wash them down," he continued.  "We clean them up."

Arrowhead, which serves at-risk youth, faces major changes.  While completing nearly $4-million in renovations, enrollment is just one-tenth of its peak years.

Even Arrowhead's CEO, Dr. Chester Lien, understands changes in sentencing philosophy.

"Any time we can keep youth in their homes, that's where they need to be," he said.

That's a big reason why Arrowhead will recruit residents from coast-to-coast.  Transitioning from regional to national enrollment is important for long-term survival.

"We have something special to offer," he continued.  "We are very confident that we will be successful in the market we're moving into."

Saturday's sale (registration at 9, car auction at 10) is a reminder that Arrowhead needs community support. Such donations help the next generation of residential students.

Makai, who came to Arrowhead about a month ago, already feels like a changed teen.

"I'm just hoping it can help me through what I'm going through," he concluded.  "Help me make a better decision next time I'm confronted with a problem."

For information on donating vehicles, contact Amy Stuart at (309) 799-7044.


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