Grain bin collapses, spills in rural Henry County, Iowa

HILLSBORO, Iowa — A grain bin spilled its contents after collapsing during a storm, southwest of the Quad Cities.

A neighbor shared pictures of the bin, which collapsed just before 8 p.m. Tuesday evening, October 9, off of Main Street.

The bin is owned by Chem Gro, an agriculture services company that provides grain storage, fertilizer, chemicals, soil testing, seed and agronomy specialists.  A spokesperson from the company said they weren’t yet sure why the bin collapsed.

According to the Henry County Sheriff’s Department, nobody was working at the time of the collapse and there were no injuries reported.

“The debris from the grain bin was contained to the property,” said the sheriff’s department.

Chem Gro employees were working Wednesday morning to clean up the spill and figure out why the bin collapsed.