Badgers escape from Niabi Zoo

COAL VALLEY, Illinois -- Niabi Zoo officials are looking for two North American badgers after the animals were found missing from their enclosures.

According to a press release from the zoo, the animals were discovered missing on Thursday, Oct. 4. The discovery was shared with News 8 on Wednesday, Oct. 10, almost a week later.

The release says the badgers are native to the region and pose no threat to people, animals or the environment.

“Badgers will only behave aggressively if cornered, so we ask that no one attempts to capture a badger," Lee Jackson, director of Niabi Zoo, said in the release. "We’re confident the two badgers will be recovered."

The badgers are immunized and chipped, according to the release. It states the zoo has a protocol for finding the animals and asks the public not to try to find them. If you do happen to see one of the badgers, Zoo officials want you to call Niabi Zoo at (309)799-3482.