Most popular Halloween candy state by state

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Hover over the map above to see the top 3 candies state by state.

May the great Candy Corn debate finally be settled.

Thanks to a study by we know candy habits across the USA.

“This year, it is expected that $2.6 Billion will be spent on trick-or-treat, which is a lot of money. If we as a nation are spending that much, we might as well get it right. Here is 11 years of data and a map of 2018’s Most Popular Halloween Candy in America by state to help you choose wisely.”

Do your state’s choices surprise you? The top Halloween candy in your state are not always what you think they would be.

With consumer confidence at it’s highest point in a September since 2004, fueled mostly by low unemployment and low inflation expectations, 2018 sales could be even bigger.

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