Farmers call E15 expansion a step in the right direction for Illinois and Iowa

EDGINGTON, Illinois - Area farmers call the E15 expansion a step in the right direction, but they don't expect a dramatic turnaround for corn prices.

Coming on the heels of a trip to Iowa, President Trump is removing summer exceptions to allow year-round sales of E15.

Harvest time is busy time at Big River Resources. They'll process 200 truckloads on active days.

Corn is the cash crop here, and they'll turn that golden grain into ethanol.

"We need to use up this corn," said Tara Johnson, Reynolds.

Johnson is making several stops in Tuesday, October 9.  She thinks that E15 expansion offers an opportunity during struggles over corn prices.

"At two dollar corn, anything to open up the markets would help," she added.

Big River Resources likes the year-round access to cleaner burning, less expensive fuel.  That could drive demand for regional ag products.

"It helps improve the price of corn," said Brad Retherford, Joy.

Retherford thinks it can support strong and stable markets.  A move that could add two billion bushels of corn nationwide.

"That's just going to depend on how well of a job you do at marketing," he said.

Area farmers hope it will turn this corn into year-round money in the bank.

"People will be using it up more," Johnson concluded.  "That will call for more corn."

At a time when there's plenty of corn, it's now up to retailers and consumers to make the switch to E15.

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