After Kavanaugh’s confirmation U.S Senator Cory Booker rallies Davenport voters to hit the polls

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DAVENPORT, Iowa--  Senator Cory Booker tells News 8 he is heartbroken by Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation and swearing in ceremony.

He used that disappointment to rally voters to go to the polls, during Monday, October 8 Get Out the Vote event.

The event was hosted by Scott County Supervisor Candidate Ken Croken.

Senator booker says Kavanaugh’s confirmation sets a bad example.

“The message that we're sending is that we will not believe you if you come forward. we will disregard you, disrespect you, we will mock you, as the president has done to a survivor.  This sets a horrible precedent and the wrong message, and I think it`s hurtful to a lot of Americans,” says Booker.

Senator Booker opposed Kavanaugh's nomination, at one point walked out of the judiciary committee hearings saying they were a "sham" process.

However, the Senator has also talked about his own high school incident where he admits he inappropriately touched a girl when he was 15 years old.

He later wrote about it in his college newspaper.

“The time that I was a campus leader at Stanford I wrote an article trying to make a point to men. When I was a young man the messages that were being sent are toxic messages and create a toxic culture and I was very explicit about the kind of culture that we have,” says Booker.

Booker has made several appearances throughout Iowa since arriving in Des Moines over the weekend.

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