Moline police captains suspended after their chief’s OWI traffic stop

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John Hitchcock, image from the City of Moline

MOLINE, IL,-  Two Moline Police Captains are being suspended for five days after the September, 7 traffic stop where the Chief of police was found to be intoxicated while driving.

Moline City Administrator Doug Maxeiner said in an official statement:

Captains Trevor Fisk and Brian Johnson were in the vehicle when Chief Hitchcock was pulled over for speeding and driving while drunk.

The two captains were placed on administrative leave for about a week before returning to work on September, 20.

Monday, October 1st a hearing was held for what, if any, disciplinary actions would be taken for the two captains. As a result of the hearing, Maxeiner issued a five-day suspension for Captains Fisk and Johnson.

Maxeiner stated that (typically), employees have a right to privacy on disciplinary matters. However, In this instance, the Captains Trevor Fisk and Brian Johnson wanted this information released to the public.

The findings resulting from the investigation and hearing as to the role of the Captains are as follows:

  1. There was no consumption of alcohol within the vehicle by any of the parties nor were any laws broken by Fisk and Johnson in their actions.
  2. All parties in Hitchcock’s vehicle cooperated fully with the Iowa State Police at the time of the traffic stop. In addition, there is no indication or suggestion that any of the occupants used their positions as law enforcement officers to influence the actions of the Iowa State trooper or the legal system in this incident.
  3. Johnson and Fisk, as a result of witnessing the consumption of alcohol by Chief Hitchcock on September 7th, should have taken action to prevent him from operating a motor vehicle.

The Administrator said based on the findings, discipline is appropriate for the captains failing to prevent Chief Hitchcock from driving while drunk.

Administrator Doug Maxeiner finished his statement by saying:

“It’s worth repeating that Fisk and Johnson were cooperative, forthcoming, and remorseful during the stop and subsequent investigation and are valued members of the leadership team in Moline. Despite their failure to act, their actions during and after the traffic stop are exactly what I would want and expect from a City of Moline employee if faced with these circumstances in the future. I am confident that both Fisk and Johnson will continue to be effective in their leadership roles in the City.”

A determination on Chief Hitchcock is still pending.

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