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Mixed feelings about the Presidential alert

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QUAD CITIES,IL,- Almost everyone with a smartphone got the alert, and many have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Where were you when the inaugural Presidential Alert was sent out October 3, 2018?  You're not alone, millions of phones received the message, in fact, it reached about 75 percent of the population, including people here in the Quad Cities

It's similar to state-level systems that send out amber alerts and weather warnings.

The text was delivered at 1:18 in the afternoon, it was designed to warn people about serious disasters.

Despite the "presidential alert" text on the message, President Donald Trump wasn`t personally behind the alert. Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA was the culprit. FEMA also conducted a similar test on radio and televisions minutes later.

The alert is meant to bring people information quickly and directly to their phones in the case of a terror attack or natural disaster.


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