Watch: Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds talks mental health, #metoo movement

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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds talked with News 8’s Jim Mertens about mental healthcare for children and the #metoo movement.

In regards to mental health, Reynolds said she help put together a board that will establish a children’s mental health system.  She said the board is set to create the system and work out logistics to keep it running long term.  The board members are expected to have a plan on the governor’s desk by December.

Reynolds also said she hoped to expand the foundation for adult mental healthcare.

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When asked about Iowa not having child psychiatrists in all of its 99 counties, Governor Reynolds said there was a plan in place from Des Moines University.  She said she is helping to find a program that trains primary doctors at the university to recognize early signs of mental illness in children and adults.

“When you have 1,000 doctors that want to participate in a psychiatric residency program  in Iowa, that’s a step in the right direction,” she said.

Reynolds said in 2017 she signed a bill related to teenage suicide, which helps train educators to identify issues with their students.

On the topic of #MeToo, Reynolds said “it’s about changing the culture.”  She said she wants to see leaders setting the example.

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