Quad City Democrats and Republicans respond to Kavanaugh hearing

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DAVENPORT, Iowa--- Hours of testimony from Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Ford left both democrats and republicans disappointed Thursday, September 27.

For Scott County Democratic Chairman Thom Hart, he points to what he believes is unwillingness from Senate Republicans to support an FBI investigation into Ford’s allegations.

“I was watching the proceedings this afternoon with senator Grassley. He`s an embarrassment to Iowa… Don’t play this theater out, do the FBI investigation, get the facts,” says Hart.

He says that’s the only wat to fairly judge Dr. Ford’s claims of sexual assault against judge Kavanaugh.

Rock Island County Republican Chairman Drue Mielke says his disappointment lies in what he sees as the democrats’ efforts to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“I think it’s just abhorrent how reputations, and people lives can be used as pawns for political outcomes maybe to stall the confirmation hearings until the midterms,” says Mielke.

Although Mielke does say he believes something happened to Dr. Ford, he questions if Kavanaugh is the alleged assailant. He says Ford’s allegations could bring real consequences for the next person thinking about running for office.

“I think the backlash is that public servants are less and less likely to step up. If anyone can say anything and anyone believe it, even if it’s not true,” Mielke says.

Both sides agree how this all could impact the election is a toss- up but both sides say there were no winner.

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