Milledgeville neighbors come together after severe storm

MILLEDGEVILLE, Illinois - Clean up and restoration continued on Wednesday, after Tuesday night's severe storms left the village of Milledgeville covered in debris.

Downed trees, snapped power poles, and homes with the siding ripped off could be found all across town.

A storm that many people in the community say came fast, with very little warning.

Photos: Milledgeville slammed by passing storms

"When the rain started, it was just a little drizzle at first and it hit with vengeance," said village president Gaylen Wirth.

Other residents were shocked by how much damage was done by straight winds reaching speeds between 60 and 80 MPH.

"You don't realize how much damage can be done by the force of the wind like that." said Doug Biller, a resident of Milledgeville.

On the west end of town, Haylee Wilk sprang into action when she noticed a man was stuck in his red truck after a massive tree crashed down onto the driver's side.

She rushed over and used her elbow and arm to clear glass, and kicked with her boots to make a hole big enough to reach inside and unlock the door.

Once the door was unlocked she stood there until EMS arrived, making sure the man was okay, and taking with him to keep him conscious.

The young woman said her whole family was part of a medical team or first responder's team at some point in her life so responding to the situation and helping a complete stranger was a natural reaction.

On Wednesday, crews and neighbors worked together to fix the power, clear the debris from roadways and restore their community.

"Carroll County is a small county but everybody does work together to get a problem solved." said Wirth.

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