Milledgeville community comes together after severe storms

MILLEDGEVILLE, Illinois  --  Straight line winds ripped through Milledgeville, Illinois last night, September 25, 2018.

The National Weather Service declared the winds were moving 110 mph. They say it is rare for strong winds, like the ones in Milledgeville, to not be declared a tornado.

Candlelight Inn and Kunes Country fed over 200 clean up volunteers today, September 26, 2018. They brought over 100 pounds of their famous Chicken George, Prime George, and Jan Sauce for the crews. Crews were thankful for the warm meal.

"It was great," Volunteer Gene Ryan said. "Chicken George, cold water, commendatory of everyone here. You just can't thank everybody enough for what we're doing.

Crews say they will still be out working tomorrow, September 27,2018, to get the town picked up.

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