Carbon Cliff neighbors pick up the pieces after straight line winds

CARBON CLIFF, Illinois - High above wooded Carbon Cliff, there's plenty of damage below.  A tree even made a splash landing into Angie Burns' pool.

"Thank God, everybody's okay, but this is going to be a big mess to clean up," she said, on Wednesday, September 26.

It's a big mess from straight line winds.  It lodged a neighbor's siding into her house and transported their trampoline across the yard.

"It was on the back side of our house," she said.  "It somehow lifted up, went into the driveway and smashed into the front tree."

The sound of the saw was leading to Corinne Carpenter's roof.

"That (tree) started out as a sapling," she said.

The fast-moving storm dropped large limbs on her house.  It happened in a matter of moments.

"It was like the blink of an eye," she said.

So fast, but still able to twist and turn Todd Hunter's canopy.

"It was here and gone," he said.  "They said 100 mile-per-hour winds.  I could believe it."

A few streets away, utility crews were pulling an all-nighter to restore power.  They continued to work in Wednesday daylight after flooding downpours.

"Yeah, it was crazy," said Kevin Fauser, Carbon Cliff.  "You couldn't see 10 feet in front of you."

Fauser, a truck driver, pulled up to a wet house.

"There was water all over the kitchen floor," he continued.  "Any loose papers I had in my mail slots, my bills, were all over the house."

Despite a panorama of problems from severe storms, neighbors are helping each other.

"Everybody always binds together, no matter what it is," Burns concluded.  "We've gotten numerous text messages and phone calls. Everybody's checking up on each other."

While these neighbors will be picking up the pieces for some time, they're just grateful that nobody was hurt.


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