Augustana adds new coordinator to combat sexual assault on campus

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – The National Sexual Violence Resource Center says 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men will be sexually assaulted during college.  Augustana College is now working to help victims with a new advisor, Emilee Goad.

At Augustana, students and faculty are reaching out every day to help sexual assault victims.

“It’s stuff that’s been happening behind the scenes for years,” reports Goad.

Before Goad, victims weren’t receiving the help they needed.

“It’s all a variety of people who are trying to jump in when they have ten minutes to have a meeting kind of thing, so they really needed that person power as kind of that central person and that’s me,” explains Goad.

She’s the new Sexual Health and Violence Prevention Coordinator and she’s making a difference in student’s lives every day.

“The big thing is the power and control is taken away from you and I get to give that back to them,” says Goad.

And students are aware of her.

“My information – I feel like at least – is everywhere on campus.  If you go in the bathroom it’s going to be on a sign in the bathroom,” comments Goad,

But sexual assault still happens on college campuses nationwide – even at Augustana.

“I would say it’s prevalent,” says student Cristina Tuser, “There are people who share their stories, but we also have to remember the people who do not.”

At a small campus like Augustana, a lot of students know each other.

“It’s a tight knit campus,” says student Wiatt Usser, “I personally know of three or four, some are more confidential, and we get emails every now and then about reported cases.”

Luckily, some students like Usser have stepped in when they see suspicious activity.

Although Goad is available, anyone can help.

“You don’t have to be a superhero,” comments Goad.

It’s simple everyday things that can make a difference and change the culture at Augustana.

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