Geneseo High hosts unique driving lesson for harvest season

GENESEO, Illinois -While McKinlee Spranger, 15, doesn't yet drive a car, she's getting a valuable lesson on how to share the roads with farm equipment.

"It's definitely more difficult than I thought it was," she said, on Tuesday, September 25.

That's the point of Henry County Farm Bureau holding a special seminar at Geneseo High.

A driving simulator, owned by Gold Star FS, gives a feel for driving conditions near farms.  The sample program shows why it's important to share roads.

"Let them know and be aware," said Kate Huffman, who farms in Henry County.  "Giving them a hands-on opportunity of where they wouldn't normally be has just been extremely beneficial."

Farm equipment on display at Geneseo High also provides an up-close, visual lesson.  Drivers must pay attention to the lights on the back.

"If one's solid and one's flashing, that's the direction that we're turning," said Geneseo farmer Todd VerHeecke. "Make them be aware and stay back as much as possible."

The simulator is a valuable tool for any driver.  McKinlee Spranger is leaving with a good lesson before she even starts driving.

"I'll know to stay way back because it's definitely hard to turn," she said.  "I could not see that many cars because I almost hit a car."

Henry County Farm Bureau will be making presentations at area high schools with the simulator during harvest season.

"We're also trying to get harvest completed, but we want to be safe," concluded VerHeecke.  "We want them to stay safe as well on the roadway."

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