Thomas Taylor killer up for parole

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WALCOTT, Iowa-- Michelle Taylor lost her son in 2014 after he was shot and killed at a party by one of his friends.

"They gave him five years for killing my son, so they gave him a total of fifteen years and now here it is four years later and I'm trying to keep him in when we have plenty of evidence that this man is a dangerous person," said Taylor.

Now her son's killer will be up for parole next month.

"Not only did we get slapped in the face in the court but now four years later when I'm almost out of shock which you never do get out of I'm put back there by this," said Taylor.

The shooting was ruled an accident but at his sentencing, the judge said his behavior was reckless.

Devyn Fix apologized to the family and everyone affected by his actions but for Michelle, it wasn't enough.

Accident or not, Michelle wants him to stay behind bars.

"There are so many opportunities that he stole from so many people it's not just one person he hurts. The person that is killed is not the only one that hurts everyone hurts, everyone that knew that person it destroys more than just one life," said Taylor.

Not only because of what he did to her family but for the example it sets.

"All the gun violence that's going on now, why in the world are they letting people out it's telling people that it's okay you're not going to get much time,"

Taylor is ready to fight to keep him in there. She has already created a petition to keep him from parole.

His parole hearing is set for October 9.

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