Galesburg woman offers Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank from personal hardship

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GALESBURG, Illinois - Lee Ann Porter remembers the pain of needing to pawn her wedding ring.

"You pretty much end up feeling like a failure as a parent," she recalled, on Monday, September 24.

But needing cash to buy diapers, there was nowhere else to turn.

"The mental aspects of that to a mom or a dad are very, very hard," she continued.

Now, she's turning that obstacle into an opportunity by creating Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank,, at 3021 W. Main Street in Galesburg.

"I'm able to be a voice for the people that are struggling," she said.  "I have a platform now that I can do that."

At agencies like Salvation Army, her diapers fill the gap between what parents need and what they can afford.

Loving Bottoms is distributing nearly 10,000 diapers each month across a five-county area.

"This ministry that Lee Ann has done is huge," said Capt. Lisa Thorson, Salvation Army.  "It prevents so much for parents and reduces a burden."

Lee Ann will distribute nearly 90,000 diapers in 2018.  Cash donations allow her to get more for the money.  From personal hardship to helping others, these are diapers with a difference.

"Had I not gone through that, I would not be here helping 250 babies a month," she concluded.

Loving Bottoms especially needs larger diaper sizes.  It also collects adult products for incontinence and period supplies.

Loving Bottoms will celebrate its third anniversary on Saturday, September 29, 2018, with a $5 fundraising breakfast from 8-10 a.m., at the Galesburg Applebee's.

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