35-year-old zebra put down at Niabi Zoo

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COAL VALLEY, Illinois -- A 35-year-old zebra at the Niabi Zoo was euthanized for health reasons, said zoo staff.

Molly, a Plains Zebra, was put down Monday, September 24, according to a statement from the zoo. She had chronic joint and bone issues brought on by age.  She had been "under extensive veterinary care" for the last two years.

“This is never an easy decision," said Zoo Director Lee Jackson, "and the zoo’s keeper staff, veterinary team, and managers, in the end, had to consider the animal’s quality of life and the fact that her condition would only deteriorate."

Jackson said Molly was one of the oldest Plains Zebras on record in North America, according to the American Zoo and Aquarium Association.

Plains Zebras in the wild live to be an average of 25 years old, according to National Geographic. 

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