Mother and daughter learn how to fight back against attackers

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MOLINE, Illinois- Women in the Quad Cities are learning how to fight back against attackers at a self defense class at Morrow’s Academy of Martial Arts, in Moline.

     Katherine Cobert and her daughter Lillian have been thinking about taking a self defense class for years.

     “My husband and I kept saying we really should get our daughter in here and just kinda putting it off and then with the most recent things it was like ok we need to just do it,” said Cobert. What has happened in Iowa over the last few months has her shaken up.

  The murders of Celia Barquin Arozamena and Mollie Tibbits acted as a wake up call. Both women were attacked doing something in their daily routine.

     “We'd be really upset if something happened and we hadn't given her the tools to defend herself,” said Cobert.

     Tools, instructor John Morrow says every woman should know.

 “I only think that with some training it could have been prevented and we want to prevent other instances like that from happening,” said Morrow. Morrow also said every woman in his family knows how to protect themselves against an attacker, giving him peace of mind.

    Now these women are learning moves to better understand how their bodies can be used as weapons.

    “He was demonstrating on me how to do things and I could feel that force and that kinda just realizing okay I need to do that same thing, don't hold back I gotta do it especially if that were a real situation,” said Cobert.

    “Learning about safety and self defense and be more confident and secure in their daily lives cause you just never know,” said Morrow.

    Relieving some stress for Cobert and her daughter.

   “I definitely will feel like I have more experience and feel like I can defend myself easier,” said Lillian.

   Morrow teaches women's self defense classes in his studio in Moline but he also travels to different local colleges to teach students.


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