Clinton Peace Coalition host 20th annual Stop the Hate, Show the Love walk

CLINTON, Iowa--The Clinton Peace Coalition hosted the 20th annual Stop the Hate/ Show the Love event at Jefferson Elementary School Thursday, September 20.

The event featured choirs from the Clinton School District as well as a performance from the Clintones, a women’s choir.

Students, and parents made banners promoting peace, before heading outside to walk around campus in solidarity with victims of hate crimes and gun violence.

Milton Adams, a Clinton school District parent says the event is well needed.

Shooting violence in Maryland marks three workplace shootings in less than 24 hours around the county.

“I’m a military veteran, I’ve been overseas a lot. I’ve worried about gun violence because I was doing a job. Somebody going to work in an office building shouldn’t have to worry about being shot when the get to work,” says Adams.

For Clinton choir director Karl Wolf, the peace event was only a symbol of the work he thinks need to be done.

“Walking is not enough, singing is not enough... If you want peace work for justice. I think that’s the clue,” says Wolf.

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