As “Second summer” winds down, Midwest heads into 11th unofficial season

MOLINE, Illinois -- Everyone in the Midwest knows that four seasons are simply too broad to define the weather experienced in the heartland. News 8's Eric Sorensen shows us why 11 "seasons" is more accurate.

With two more days of heat, we find the 10th season, "second summer," is coming to a close. Coming off of "false fall," "second summer" is that period where no one is sure if they should be digging into pumpkin spice or breaking out the Hawaiian shirt... again.

Stormtrack 8 Meteorologist Eric Sorensen predicts this is probably our last bout of 90-degree weather as a cool front is expected to move in this weekend and potentially kick the heat for good this year. Afternoon temperatures will hover around the low 70s all weekend as we meander to the 11th season, "actual fall."