Jurors in deliberation to decide verdict for Liggins trial

WATERLOO, Iowa – A jury of six-men and six-women will return to deliberations in the morning, after no verdict was made, to decide the guilt of accused child murderer, Stanley Liggins.

This is Liggins’ third trial for the murder of nine-year-old, Jennifer Lewis.  Liggins, age 56, was on trial for the same case in 1990. He was charged with first-degree murder.  The case was overturned twice since the investigation began on September 17th, 1990.

The state and defense gave their closing statements at the Blackhawk County courthouse this morning.  The state provided detailed evidence for their closing statement, which was then followed by the defense.  The state then gave a rebuttal.

Jennifer Lewis’ mother, Sheri McCormick, was present and attempted to hold back tears after images of her daughter were put on screen.

This is the fourth week of the trial.  The jury will continue deliberations in the morning at 9a.m.