Judge Brett Kavanugh’s alleged sexual assault accuser has until Friday to testify

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- The Senate Judiciary Committee must decide who to believe, Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh or Dr. Christine Ford, who says he attacked her at a high school party about 30 years ago.

Ford’s attorney says he client will not testify against Judge Kavanaugh until a full FBI investigation is complete.

“Where I’m focused right now is doing everything we can to make Dr Ford comfortable with coming before a committee, in a open session or a closed session, in public or a private interview,” says Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Dr. Ford says she sent a letter about Judge Kavanaugh’s alleged behavior to democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein back in July, but nothing was done.

“Dr. Ford said I want to put this letter in the record, but I don’t want my identity disclosed. This has to be done privately so Senator Feinstein was in an impossible position,” says Senator Richard Durbin.

Sen. Grassley says he’ll give Judge Brett Kavanugh’s accuser until the end of the week to decide her next move.